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of shoes bought online are returned


of people aren't wearing their true shoe size


of people experience foot pain


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Last sizing varies significantly from shoe to shoe and brand to brand. More than 50% of shoes returned are due to fit. Dress shoes often vary from Brannock sizing by as much as two full sizes. Contact us to find out how your brand fits relative to competitors with our free, industry-wide fit performance analysis.


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Our in browser widget recognizes your visitors and provides instant size recommendations as they shop, from shoe to shoe and page to page.

Retailers in the US report a return rate of between 20% and 40% for online sales, with poor fit cited as the number one reason.
— eConsultancy

Confident conversion

Fit is the number one barrier preventing customers from discovering new brands they love. Give your customers the confidence to click buy.

72% of retailers cover the cost of delivery and/or return of items, a service which can prove expensive.
— Entrepeneur

Competitive Intelligence

Get to know your customers' feet. Unlike competitors, we provide actionable intelligence to help you address size at the root of the problem, and design better fitting shoes.