SOLS Comfort

Custom fit insoles. Move with more energy. Our patented, spring-action heel cup absorbs energy and redistributes it with every step you take. Available for purchase at our pop-up shop!


Corrective orthotics. SOLS Rx are prescribed exclusively through our network of SOLS certified providers as a market-leading solution to foot and body pain. 100% custom, 100% corrective. Take charge of your well being today.

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SOLS are a 3D printed, market-leading orthotic for the busy podiatrist. Our doctors seek better patient outcomes, progressive technology, and want to distinguish their practice with cutting-edge treatment options.


Meet New Yorkers designing, cooking and dreaming in SOLS

  • Dabo Che, Creative Dr.

    “SOLS allows me to move with ease, standing, bending, running, leaping between sets and meetings."

  • Kim Phan, Designer

    “I’m always on the move, it’s part of who I am! I’m constantly doing something.”

  • Amelia Lundy, Chef

    “ I'm always thinking about where I need to be next - and what I can do to get there.”

Experience SOLS

Stop by our Chelsea HQ to purchase your SOLS today! Get fitted. Get moving. Get SOLS.