SOLS Comfort

Custom fit insoles. Move with more energy. Our patented, spring-action heel cup absorbs energy and redistributes it with every step you take. Available for purchase at our showroom!


Corrective orthotics. SOLS Rx are prescribed exclusively through our network of SOLS certified providers as a market-leading solution to foot and body pain. 100% custom, 100% corrective. Take charge of your well being today.

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SOLS are a 3D printed, market-leading orthotic for the busy podiatrist. Our doctors seek better patient outcomes, progressive technology, and want to distinguish their practice with cutting-edge treatment options.


Meet New Yorkers designing, cooking and dreaming in SOLS

  • Dabo Che, Creative Dr.

    “SOLS allows me to move with ease, standing, bending, running, leaping between sets and meetings."

  • Kim Phan, Designer

    “I’m always on the move, it’s part of who I am! I’m constantly doing something.”

  • Amelia Lundy, Chef

    “ I'm always thinking about where I need to be next - and what I can do to get there.”